We believe that Wind Works for DeWitt County and that Alta Farms Wind Project will bring significant benefits to the region. It’s good for jobs, good for schools, good for landowners, and good for taxpayers.

Wind Works for DeWitt County

We‘ve heard from a lot of folks – residents, small business owners, landowners, community members – who have shared their immense support and encouragement. Help spread the truth about Alta Farms Wind Project and take a stand in supporting progress for DeWitt County.

Why did supporters tell us to re-submit our application?

We continue to believe that our project will support DeWitt County jobs, schools, landowners, and taxpayers. Many local residents understand that projects like these are revitalizing other rural Illinois economies, funding schools, and putting people back to work. It’s hard to watch business flee, but supporters want to see investment return to the region – especially during such a difficult year for farmers.

Local family farms are looking for a steady income to ensure that their property will be passed on to the next generation and we’re proud to help make that happen here in DeWitt County. Fortunately, DeWitt residents can help.

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investment over the
life of the project
jobs during construction for DeWitt County
homes sustained by
Alta Farms wind power

We’re excited to move this project forward...

and bring new prosperity to DeWitt County.​ However, there has been a lot of misinformation spread about the project, and we are working tirelessly to set the facts straight. Please show your support for progress for DeWitt County, and help set the record straight about Alta Farms.

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Arcosa Voices Support for Alta Farms Wind Project

The proposed Alta Farms II wind project has earned a key endorsement from a local wind tower manufacturer. In a letter to the DeWitt County Zoning Board of Appeals dated January 27, an executive of Arcosa Wind Towers, Inc. cited local job benefits in urging the board to recommend the project.


Thanks for your support, Becky!

It seems that this meeting was run to shut out wind farm supporters from giving their opinions. The only question is, why?


Thanks for your support, Brigitte!

Adding another resource to harvest here can only strengthen the generations of family farms. It is good sense to what is in the best interest for the greater good, not a small percentage of people who oppose growth and progress. Let’s be sensible and take care of our county.

Debunking the Myths

Understanding “Subsidies” & Wind Energy

Clearing up misconceptions using science, engineering, and detailed analyses from unbiased, third party subject matter experts. Let’s set the record straight, DeWitt County!