Leading Subject Matter Expert Shares His Support

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I am writing today in support of the Alta Farms II wind energy project in DeWitt County. I am a professor of economics and helped create the renewable energy major at Illinois State University. I also ran the Illinois Wind Working Group under the Department of Energy to help promote wind energy for many years.

I was hired by the developer of the project, Tradewind Energy, to do an analysis of the property tax revenue and economic impact of the project to the local community. My analysis found significant property tax revenue coming to the schools, county and other taxing entities as a result of the wind project. Furthermore, the construction and permanent jobs that will result from this project will boost the local economy and provide good-paying employment for union workers and students from programs such as the one at Illinois State.

I want to encourage the DeWitt County Board to approve this project.

David G. Loomis, Bloomington

Dr. David G. Loomis is Professor of Economics at Illinois State University and Co-Founder of the Center for Renewable Energy. He has over 10 years of experience in the renewable energy field and has performed economic analyses at the county, region, state and national levels for utility-scale wind and solar generation.

He has testified on the economic impacts of energy projects before the Illinois Commerce Commission, Missouri Public Service Commission, Illinois Senate Energy and Environment Committee and numerous county boards. Dr. Loomis is a widely recognized expert and has been quoted in the Wall Street Journal, Forbes Magazine, Associated Press, and Chicago Tribune as well as appearing on CNN.

Dr. Loomis has published over 25 peer-reviewed articles in leading energy policy and economics journals. Dr. Loomis received his Ph.D. in economics from Temple University in 1995.

Thanks for your support, Dixie!

Support Tradewind in DeWitt Co.

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Our community should be beyond excited that Tradewind Energy has decided to resubmit its application to the county for the development of the Alta Farms wind farm.

Projects exactly like this are providing big benefits to communities throughout rural Illinois, helping to fund struggling schools and giving our neighbors good-paying jobs that keep them in the places they grew up.

It’s time we, as a community, stand up to those among us who want to stop progress and hinder the economic well-being of DeWitt County. Please do what you can to support this project.

Dixie Walden, Clinton

Thanks for your support, Brendan!

Embrace jobs at wind farm

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I was excited to hear that Tradewind Energy is again pursuing a permit from DeWitt County to develop the Alta Farms wind farm. For me, projects like this are personal.

We all know times have been tough here and in other nearby communities. Opportunities for good-paying jobs we can actually do without traveling out of the county don’t come our way very often. When they do, we should embrace them with open arms.

Brendan Burton, Clinton


We‘ve heard from a lot of folks; residents, small business owners, landowners, community members, the men and women who build the turbine towers right here in this County – a lot of people sharing their immense support and encouragement at our Clinton office, over the phone, online, or in letters like this one from Brendan.

Please show your support – help spread the truth about Alta Farms Wind Project, and take a stand in supporting progress for DeWitt County.