Wind Works for DeWitt / Arm Yourself With the Facts

Tradewind Energy, an Enel Green Power Company, has set its sights on creating wind energy in DeWitt County for many years under the project name of Alta Farms.  In every community we serve, it is our steadfast goal to be good neighbors; that is to participate philanthropically, shoot people straight, and be very transparent as to the steps and processes involved for developing and operating such projects.  As we’ve set forth sharing our ambitions in a positive, welcoming fashion, most of this community has responded graciously; encouraging our goals, advocating our collective progress, and proactively getting involved by voicing their support for this development.  We are eternally grateful for each of you who continue to support us. Thank you. We take aim at making you very proud. 

You may have seen misinformation or attacks circulated about the Alta Farms Wind Project, which can make it more challenging to get to the truth. That’s why we’ve created – a one-stop platform to learn about the benefits of the Project, sort out fact from fiction, and connect with supporters. We’re setting the record straight in DeWitt County, going far beyond opinion, but rather using science, engineering facts, and detail analyses from unbiased, third-party, subject matter experts who have thoroughly studied the subjects in question.

In recent weeks there has been an outpour of people sharing their immense support and encouragement at our Clinton office, over the phone, online, or in letters.  Keep up the good work, and lean on this website as a resource to arm yourself with the facts. Help spread the word; talk to your neighbors, sign-up to receive our communications, talk with our team, and get involved.  Together we are leading the change for health and prosperity for all residents of DeWitt County.