Arcosa Voices Support for Alta Farms Wind Project

The proposed Alta Farms II wind project has earned a key endorsement from a local wind tower manufacturer. In a letter to the DeWitt County Zoning Board of Appeals dated January 27, an executive of Arcosa Wind Towers, Inc. cited local job benefits in urging the board to recommend the project.

Thanks for your support, Becky!

It seems that this meeting was run to shut out wind farm supporters from giving their opinions. The only question is, why?

Thanks for your support, Brigitte!

Adding another resource to harvest here can only strengthen the generations of family farms. It is good sense to what is in the best interest for the greater good, not a small percentage of people who oppose growth and progress. Let’s be sensible and take care of our county.

Understanding “Subsidies” & Wind Energy

Clearing up misconceptions using science, engineering, and detailed analyses from unbiased, third party subject matter experts. Let’s set the record straight, DeWitt County!

Thanks for your support, Kim!

We cannot allow the emotional responses from a few to limit our future, our children’s or their children’s. We may not get another chance to do so much for our county.

Property Values & Wind Turbines

“Wind farms strengthen the local tax base helping to improve county services, schools, police and fire
departments and infrastructure improvements, such as public roads.”

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If you take the time to learn about this project for yourself, I think you’ll easily reach the same conclusions I’ve reached. This project is good for our community and poses no risk to our citizens.

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When I was a McLean County Board member, our commissions always scheduled meetings in a timely manner in order to get them to the County Board. By delaying the application process, the DeWitt County RPC and ZBA are attempting to take that important role away from our elected officials.

Wind Energy & Weather Radar

Don’t be fooled by myths about wind energy and weather radar. Research shows that fears about wind turbines interfering with weather radar are misunderstood.

Leading Subject Matter Expert Shares His Support

I am writing today in support of the Alta Farms II wind energy project in DeWitt County. I am a professor of economics and helped create the renewable energy major at Illinois State University.

Then and Now: Key Application Differences

While Tradewind’s application is similar on the surface to the complete application submitted last year, there are some key differences worth noting that make this application more substantial and one we continue to believe citizens of DeWitt County can support.

5 Common Myths Debunked

Changes to energy production will always have their detractors. Let’s look closely at a few common arguments by wind opponents to see how they hold up.

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Our community should be beyond excited that Tradewind Energy has decided to resubmit its application to the county for the development of the Alta Farms wind farm…

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We all know times have been tough here and in other nearby communities. Opportunities for good-paying jobs we can actually do without traveling out of the county don’t come our way very often. When they do, we should embrace them with open arms.