Wind Farms Benefit Community, Individuals

Thanks for your support, Floyd!

I am a landowner who lives in rural McLean County and I host two wind turbines on my land as a part of the Twin Groves Wind Farm. I have been concerned to see opposition to wind projects across Central Illinois, including in DeWitt County, where I own land as well.

These turbines have been nothing but beneficial for the community I live in. As a landowner, whenever there has been a problem, it was resolved quickly and with priority. The only problem I’ve had was with service roads needing maintenance, but they always come to fix it quickly. There have never been problems with farming around the turbines. Nobody I know has gotten sick or had a seizure from the wind farm.

I believe wind farms are a part of the future of our state and region. In McLean County, we have seen improvements to roads and schools thanks to wind farm revenue. DeWitt County can benefit in the same way that we have here in McLean County.

I encourage landowners, communities, and elected officials across our state to look at the economic benefits of wind development, and be forward thinking in making decisions on potential projects.

Floyd Morefield, Bloomington

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